Noise Cancellation: Server-Side or Device-Side

We discussed traditional multi-mic based noise cancellation in the previous post. Such technologies can be applied on user device (phone, laptop) only where multiple mics are available.

In this post we will discuss the challenges related with running noise cancellation technology on the Server Side.

When we’ve built a fully software based noise cancellation technology at, a profound question came up — why can’t we run this technology on Sever side rather than phones or laptops?

There is a big value proposition for Communications Service Provider companies here: independent on what devices their users are using all these conversations can be noise cancelled at the backend side.

See, when a new iPhoneX with a better noise cancellation comes out — it doesn’t have much impact on a Service Provider such as Twilio, RingCentral, Fuze or WebEx. This is because iPhoneX is only a fraction of their overall device population. But if they could noise cancel (denoise) every communication independent on user devices — there is a big value in it.

Even more. When you are in the backend you have access to both legs of a call and you can denoise both legs. So you not only make your user’s life “noise-free” but potentially also all the other users they are talking to (users outside your network).

Sounds like a no brainer. However it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Let’s talk now about some challenges.

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