Meet Krisp: AI Powered Noise Suppression on your Laptop

At 2Hz we are building world’s best Noise Suppression technology. And we’ve achieved an incredible quality.

We use Deep Learning in our approach and our latest algorithm increases MOS score by 1.2 points in average on a large dataset of noisy speech. This is a remarkable result. So far we haven’t seen any other tech coming close to this.

Meet Krisp

We’re happy to share today that we are bringing this technology to YOUR FINGERTIPS.

In the last 4 months we have been baking Krisp ( An App designed for laptops, which after installing, upgrades your laptop’s microphone and speaker and adds a magical “Mute Noise” button to it to use during conference calls.

You can use Krisp with any Conferencing App you prefer, out of the box.

The cool thing is: you can both mute the noise going from you to the conference participants and also mute the noise coming from them to you. Bi-directional mute.

And it’s free.

Krisp has entered Private Beta last week. Learn more about it in this blog post. and subscribe for Beta here.