Announcing 2Hz Speech Enhancement API, now in Preview

We are excited to announce that 2Hz Krisp API is in Preview now. Please Apply for Access if you would like to try it out.

This is the first Speech Enhancement API of its kind.

The API is capable of making three enhancements to speech, all powered by state of the art Deep Learning technologies.

/recover – fixes voice breakups in the audio caused by bad network conditions. Learn more about fixing voice breakups in this blog post

/denoise – suppresses background noise and leaves only human voice in the audio. Learn more about noise suppression in this blog post

/expand – expands the audio resolution from lowband to wideband. Learn more about bandwidth expansion in this blog post

An example request looks like this:

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Noise Cancellation: State of the Art

At 2Hz we’ve spent our last 1.5 years building a disruptive Noise Cancellation technology powered by Deep Neural Networks. And I must say it is a tough road.

In this article I’ll share with you the current state of the art for Noise Cancellation.

Before I start I want to clarify what exactly I mean by Noise Cancellation.

When I say Noise Cancellation I mean suppressing the Noise going from the caller and coming to the caller from other end. Imagine you are in a subway and you call a friend who is at the airport. By Noise Cancellation we mean suppressing the subway noise before sending to your friend (while you might still hear it) and also suppressing the airpot noise coming from their environment to you.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) refers to suppressing unwanted noise coming to your ears from the external environment surrounding you. For Active Noise Cancellation you typically need headphones (such as Bose QuiteComfort).

Active Noise Cancellation

In this article we will focus only on Noise Cancellation and not Active Noise Cancellation.

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