Fixing Voice Breakups with Deep Learning

At 2Hz we are continuously rethinking traditional approaches to known problems in Voice processing and disrupting them by applying deep learning.

Our last article has discussed the problem of bandwidth expansion in voice audio.

This time it’s PLC’s turn.

PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) is a well known problem in voice communications. It’s also known to every telecommunication user in the world. Everyone, literally everyone who used VoIP Apps or Cellular Phone has experienced “chopped voice”. When network conditions are bad our voice is cutting off and sounds annoying and funny. Early Skype users remember this very well. We sound like “he e ey how aaaaaare yoo ooo”?

In this article we demonstrate how our Deep Neural Network (DNN) powered PLC algorithm (krispNet-PLC) compares to existing state of the art PLC technologies.

The full article can be found here: